Could be a long walk

The cove
This photo highlights our bathroom situation. We sleep in the quarters at the top of the hill and use the outhouse at the bottom of the hill near the cove. It’s all about planning.

There is a crisp north breeze today. It’s great sleeping weather. Fruit or birch wood smoke is drifting from the mainland and I could hear the ringing of the bell buoy to the north.

I am calling the rider mower repair a small victory. After it ran for 20+ minutes two days ago, yesterday it wouldn’t start. I had moved a ‘kill’ wire and adjusted my favorite idle screw on the carburetor. The battery sounded weak so I charged it. Then the mower started right up and I gingerly mowed the upper 40 while I waited for it to stall. Never happened. The only time it conked out was when it ran out of gas.

And I finished knitting a sock made of possum, wool and silk from New Zealand. At least one foot is warm.

One thought on “Could be a long walk

  1. Hi Lynne,

    Glad you are doing well; especially with the mower! Let me know how I can send you some wool knitting yarn I still have since I closed down my ebay store.

    Best in Health, Ed


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