The island is getting smaller and there is a gremlin in the woodshed

Protection Island is only a fraction of its former self. The northwest bluffs are buffeted by wind and waves and over time have been carved away. On the marine chart, the area now known as Dallas Bank was above water and part of the island. It’s depth is only 20 feet, while the surrounding water is hundreds of feet deep.


I saw it happen yesterday. As I was crossing the Bank in the boat, I noticed a cloud to my left. A part of the bluff near fell off. This is the second time I witnessed this. At this rate, pretty soon…


I don’t have any photos to prove it but last night I saw fireworks from at least 6 spots along the shore, quite a show.

Now about that gremlin. Last week I chopped some kindling and thought I left the ax in the block when I was done. The next morning when I checked the woodshed, the ax was on the ground. I scratched my head and thought, “That’s funny, I thought I left it in the block. Oh well, maybe not”. So I drove it into the block with conviction. The next morning, it was on the floor again, and a piece of wood from the woodpile was on the ground. Hmmm. Well, it has happened every night since. One morning I found a piece of wood outside the shed. Now I know how legends are formed. Of course it would be more curious if I left the ax on the ground and it ended up in the block. Given the bird droppings and feathers in the shed, if it wasn’t a gremlin, then perhaps it was the owl that likes to dine in the vicinity.

IMG_2054IMG_2053Maybe it thinks I have built a perch for it to conduct its business. I’ll see what tomorrow brings.

I spent the morning in the comfort of my lazy boy chair watching the barn swallows wait to be fed. They are flying but return to sanctuary to rest and get fed. Soon they will figure out there are plenty of bugs out there.


The eagles by the marina were looking for their next meal. They must have targeted a seagull because one gull was badgering them.



Just another day in bird paradise.

There’s an intruder on this island

It’s me.

All the residents are talking about it. Whenever I leave the cabin, the news goes out to the seagull colony around the house. Guards sound the alarm. Seagulls hop off their nests to come out and squawk at me.


There are eagle sentries all over the island. When I walk, word goes out with their screech. They perch along the bluffs, usually at least 4 near the marina, on the water tower, some fly off to tell the others.


The deer are quiet about it but they know.


The barn swallows announce every time I open the front door. Their nest is packed to the rafters, literally. Time may be near for the little ones to leave.


Actually, this is just like when I lived in downtown Brooklyn in the 1980’s. It was a very safe neighborhood, because it was controlled by the mafia. Safe if you weren’t part of the mafia because, of course, there was the occasional shooting in the local coffee shop. But it was never random. There were sentries posted on every corner, watching out, all day, all night. And this was before everyone had mobile phones. Word got out.


  • “We are all visitors to this time, this place. We are just passing through. Our purpose here is to observe, to learn, to grow, to love… and then we return home.” – Australian Aboriginal saying


Worker bee

That’s me. The daffodils we marked a couple of weeks ago with one foot tall flags are now surrounded by chest high grass. It makes finding them, surprisingly challenging. But I gathered a shovel and bucket and off I went to harvest daffodil bulbs to take off island to possibly sell as a fundraiser for the Friends group. I labored for a couple of hours and collected a bucket full of bulbs from about 25 plants.


When I looked up from my work I saw a deer grazing nearby who couldn’t care less about me.

I finished knitting a sweater I made for myself that began in earnest on our plane ride on April 24.  I love it. I may get to wear it over the next couple of days when the weather will be wet and cool.


The pattern was Ennis Pullover by Sarah Solomon and it was an interesting knit. Now on my needles is a mesh market bag so we can hold our food in a secure bag on the bike rack.

i wanted to clear out the refrigerator leftover sauce and cheese so made a delish pizza for lunch.


And challenged myself to make a cake from scratch, without even a hand mixer or wooden spoon! We only have a large serving spoon that serves as a wooden spoon and a plastic whisk. But it worked.

We weren’t the only ones who ate well yesterday. This crab was on our porch when I must have interrupted a seagull’s feast.


After my work was done, I took a walk and watched the eagles soar.


The wind picked up and they were able to hang on the air.