Tim is one lucky lighthouse caretaker

He confessed this morning the real reason he likes these remote gigs is because I become a devoted cook. I even wear an apron in the kitchen.

I have read a lot of books so far but have got the most out of Artisan five minute bread. With the same bread dough I have made rustic bread, naan, pizza, donuts, and caramelized sticky buns. Just take a lump of dough out of the fridge.

Today was an inspired cooking day. I made a batch of ginger ale, sticky buns, apple tartlets and pretzels. Better keep up the activity.

Yesterday Tim had me doing road and trail work. Today is a mowing day.

Most importantly my little grandson made it safely through minor surgery. It’s never minor when they are little. I have been up since 03:00 so I could keep in touch.

2 thoughts on “Tim is one lucky lighthouse caretaker

  1. Lovely to read your blogs Lynne. Best of all news is that your dear grand-darling is making a good recovery. The separation of great distance has no bearing whatsoever on the strong connective love of heart.
    I hope you sleep well tonight…


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