Pretty perch

Barn Hill, right next to the compound, continues to be one of my favorite walks. It’s a tossup between it and Old Squally for the views they offer. Tim likes to look off the cliff edges while I remain inland. I couldn’t help noticing this raptor rock.

The dolphins have been at play in Garden Cove. New birds are appearing. We have a flock of dusty wood swallows enjoying themselves and silver eyes play in the bird bath. There’s a new singer here as well but I haven’t been able to ID it. No more Cape Barren Goose murders at the moment, two down as far as we know. I continue to cook up a storm. My latest experiment was crackers and they came out pretty well. Next up will be pretzels.

The veggie garden continues to produce. I have the first few broccoli florets. We continue to have heaps of tomatoes. The greens are holding up and my delicate seedlings are coming along. Something chewed the leaves off my beetroot. It’s always something here in paradise.

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