Shocking AED

The caretaker’s house now has an AED, which is what saves lives in CPR. We were spending the day reacquainting ourselves with the systems and I wanted to check it out. Tim was off in the woods (bush) trying to get some internet. I opened the cabinet door and took out the manual and the AED when out fell Harry the Huntsman! I was shocked and screamed. Maybe that’s all we have to do. I’m sure it was Harry because we couldn’t have more than one huge spider in the house. Well it checked out and we’re good to go.






After that excitement we checked out the firehose situation. We have to open and close various valves and run a pump to get the pressure up. It worked. Then we repaired a section of fence where the wallabies come and go into the compound. One wallaby was so cheeky, he tried to bash the fence as we were repairing it. We’ll see how long it lasts or if he brings the family to reopen it. We’ve had the island to ourselves and the various critters for a day. One kayaker and a sailboat left on Saturday. A sailboat tucked into the cove last night but was gone by the morning. So we are walking the walks, all of which are in great shape.

We’ve been up to the lighthouse, out to Winter Cove and up Barn Hill. Next up is Squally cove. So much to see and do.

2 thoughts on “Shocking AED

  1. Lynne, it’s such fun reading about the island adventures. The photos are wonderful! I don’t know about those creepy-crawly things, though: that huge snake and your housemate, Harry the Huntsman. Hmmm, grizzlies are probably more dangerous, but the spiders and snakes bother me more. Have fun!

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    • It’s awesome. We are reaquainting ourselves with all the trails, in between cooking, gardening, knitting, weaving and practicing.


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