Getting better every day

I can’t complain when my new work station looks like this.


Our caretaker cabin is quite cozy and was in ship shape condition when we arrived.  Pictures to follow some day.  We spent the past couple of days tidying up the inside and outside, and going through all the drawers and various buildings to take an inventory. After a little hiccup with the propane fridge, all is well. Bad weather was supposed to arrive yesterday.  It came today instead. Not too bad, just right.

We got out on the boat to patrol the island before it arrived.  Yesterday was one of 3 halibut fishing days in the state and there were way more boats on the water than we have seen.  None got too close to the island though.


The seagulls have company.  We spot more bald eagles every day.  Here’s a family that flies by the house.

One little egg wasn’t so lucky and we have spotted some feathers on the road.


I’m not sure if this is seagull love, but they were certainly close.  The eagles seem a bit more sedate.


Might be a night for the wood stove.  All’s well with the wind blowing outside. Time for tea and knitting.

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