Party time


It was Tim’s birthday so we had another party.

I gave him two gifts I made on the island, a handspun, and some hand dyed, tablet woven eyeglass case with a pair of sunglasses.



And a backstrap woven inkle band fir a key chain. These were both learning projects. I learned a lot and he got a gift. The sunglasses were my used ones but his weren’t comfortable. I also brought a new Timex watch for him because his broke just before we left home. He’s been doing fine with a sub though.


I made a batch of ice cream from the Friends of Deal Island Lighthouse cookbook that was good. I used evaporated milk, milk powder, yogurt, honey and vanilla. You whip it together, freeze it for a bit then really whip it. I decided to add some strawberry jam at the second step. This accompanied a peach upside down cake.


I invited the worker bees over and we had a party with hip, hip hoorahs.

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