Loose ends


Instead of packing, I’ve been preparing yarn, weaving, finishing Loki’s cat collar and doing my daughter’s taxes. If that’s not enough, yesterday, I tried to add some of Tim’s music to my antiquated ipod classic with my old, dinosaur of a computer from 2005, an iBook, which has 3 gb of free space.

It crashed resoundingly. Itunes couldn’t find any music on my ipod and itunes couldn’t (wouldn’t) even connect to the internet to restore (wipe it completely and start from scratch) it. I was stuck. So instead of doing what I really needed to do, I spent 6 hours learning about hidden files and firmware. I found out what “generation” iPod I had, the great grandpappy, found and downloaded the operating system, got it onto the iPod and was back in business, albeit with an empty iPod. But…I had all my music backed up on an external hard drive that only my ancient computer could read. 80 GB iPod and 3 GB computer is not a match made in heaven. But I got the job done and listened to music on an adorable AYL speaker.

It’s a long flight to Australia. I need music and now I have it, and some of Tim’s as well. Now I’ve been a happy Apple stockholder for some time but don’t think I should be forced into updating and upgrading to go along with planned obsolescence.

Over the course of the week, I wound 2 balls of cobweb yarn totaling more than two miles! I plan to make a 2 mile long shawl over the next 3 months. 2 miles of yarn for a 2 yard shawl. Should keep me occupied.

I cut 6 towels off my loom today (I don’t have time or patience for the seventh (and I’ll return to a warped loom) and will finish them tonight to be distributed at my will.



At my daughter’s insistence, I added a breakaway feature to Loki’s collar. He’ll be so happy. Tim reminds me he’s never seen a cat hanging by its collar.



Sorry for the blurry photos, I may start using a real camera again. Iff to finish some towels, clean the refrigerator, all sorts if Friday night fun.

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