Shopping list

I passed my board recertification exam with flying colors and my thoughts turned to the food list. I prepared it today, heard back from the market, and we are good to go.

Here it is.





I’m having trouble with the link to Google Drive. It seems to work if you download the document. Here is the butcher order on Google drive. Did I forget anything?

Now I’m winding 3000 yards of merino cobweb yarn into balls so I can knit a shawl so fine it will slip through a wedding ring.

Time to get creative


Our time in paradise is quickly drawing to a close. Food stores are getting thin so meals become more creative. Stale,homemade, no-knead bread became garlic croutons in a delicious tomato basil salad.

This week I signed up for the NY times cooking app for recipes. Butter is short so cookies and scones are out. We had creme brulee the other night. Easy to do when there’s a plumber ‘s torch handy.

Tonight I tried a chocolate pudding recipe from Florence Fabricant. I strongly encourage you to try this. We happened to have all the ingredients on hand. I stirred and stirred with a whisk on the stove and suddenly, as if by magic, it was pudding. No eggs; milk, cocoa, sugar and cornstarch. I threw in a little cayenne to kick it up a notch.

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Then, as if by magic, we were able to see Mount Washington, which is 86(!) miles away.



Meal planning

Taking my time. Wrote it out on the back of an airline napkin and will shop tomorrow. Seven hours to NYC yesterday. Today 2/3 flights done; 10 hours, 5 to go.

Direct flights next time but I have had plenty of time to think! And plan.