Two wrongs make a right?

Just maybe. I am weaving material to make a cloak for a couple who plan a medieval style wedding. How medieval? They were dismayed when they learned falcons and wolves couldn’t partake in the ceremony. But a broad sword, made by the groom for his bride, will be featured.

So a cloak. I figure it can continue its life as a throw to keep them warm in their castle. I sampled a few patterns on my new-to-me table loom.

What a dream. No loom waste, a little finicky to thread, as I try to get used to Texsolv heddles, but so fast to test several patterns and treadling. I chose a broken twill pattern woven in wool I had acquired from a local weaver’s destash.

I calculated my yardage for the long warp based upon the sett (spacing) I used on the table loom. My plan was to use a warp five yards long and have it 32″ wide in the loom. Well, despite weighing my yarn on a postal scale and estimating I had enough for my planned warp, I didn’t, and only had enough for a 20″ wide fabric because 1) I miscalculated; and 2) used different spacing on my floor loom – oops. But… I think I also measured a longer warp than planned so may have more than five yards, which should all work out in the end.

I’ve finished weaving three yards and hopefully more than two to go.



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