Inkle weaving on a copper tablet loom


I’ve been dreaming of weaving inkle bands for straps, bags, and so many other options. But I don’t need another loom. I already have (ahem) a few. I considered trying to modify my rigid heddle loom but then decided I could do it just as easily on the copper loom I made for card weaving.

I lashed a rod to the base to hold the string heddles and lashed another bar to the top support for the warp separator. I didn’t initially appreciate the need for the warp separator but without it you would have only one warp “shed” and would be simply passing string back and forth without changing anything.


Once I got that straight, I wove a little band. I quit early though, because the yarn I used was too fuzzy and kept sticking to itself.

This is all part of travel planning. We’re lighthouse bound and I have to choose a few projects to bring. They must be easy to transport and fun. Maybe I’ll stick to knitting a pair of socks.

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