Northern lights?

I may have seen Northern Lights. I definitely saw lights in the north. No photos to prove it but the sky was clear, I saw continuous flashes of green through a mountain pass to the north and even the sky overhead had circular bursts of light. No reports of increased activity on September 10 but…

Tim surprised me by renting a cabin at Elk Lake Lodge, in North Hudson, NY for our anniversary. It was sweeeeet!

First day was cloudy and cool so we hiked around the west side of the lake where I nearly got sucked up to my calves in mud.

The mountain view was obscured by fog our first day. That night I was awakened by something skittering around and the noticed the flashing lights outside and went out and sat by the lake for an hour. Even if it was lightening, it was awesome.

The next day was clear, we kayaked, sat by the lake, enjoyed the views and swam.



Here’s a panorama taken from the kayak in the middle of the lake.

But, alas, there’s no such thing as paradise. A yellow jacket stung me multiple times on my foot as I danced to the car. Ouch!

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