My geraniums are in the Halcyon Yarn catalog

Really. Halcyon Yarn is located in Bath, ME. I’ve stopped in once or twice and they have a wonderful weaving section plus knitting, spinning, the works.

Last year, a few weeks before we arrived to help close Seguin Island Lighthouse, Halcyon Yarn went out to the Island for a photo shoot – without ME!

Whatever, I’m over it. I encourage you to get a copy of the current catalog. It’s a lovely display of fiber projects in a beautiful setting. They have even devoted a line of knit, woven and hooked projects to Seguin.

But I digress. Back to MY geraniums. As we closed up last year, I found two potted geraniums under the porch. They had been in outdoor planters that brightened the entry during the season and were now discarded. I was determined to bring them home, by dinghy, the Leeward and car to nurture them over the winter. And they flourished.

Here they are featured on the back cover of the catalog from last season on Seguin.


And here they are brightening my dining area today.


A convergence of passions: Seguin and fiber – and pretty flowers.

One thought on “My geraniums are in the Halcyon Yarn catalog

  1. Lynne,
    the geraniums both at the lighthouse and in your dining room are really pretty. I love the red matching planter boxes (matching the red of the geranium perfectly and the sweater in the island light seems a perfect match also. Seguin and fiber rock! Life here has been crazy busy


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