I see DC

I’ve spent a lot of time in the car these past several days. I drove to Montpelier, back home, to Washington, DC and will head back to Montpelier for two more days after one night in my own bed. I haven’t had a home cooked meal for a week!

But I ate oysters, and Ethiopian food – hard to find in the Adirondacks. Most importantly, I spent a few days with my daughter.

The weather was beautiful and provided a real zing of Spring. Except for a parking ticket and a nail, which punctured a tire in two places, it was a fabulous trip.


We rented bikes and rode around the Mall and visited the monuments. Capitol Bikeshare has kiosks around the city and you pick up a bike from one location and return it near your destination. Then we picked up different bikes to head home. What a concept! I downloaded the Spotcycle app, which told me where bike stations were and how many bikes were available there.

We were a few days early for the cherry blossoms on the mall but saw a few trees in full bloom in other parts if the city.

We headed home to the remnants of winter, with snow on the ground and temperatures below freezing once again.

One thought on “I see DC

  1. we saw the bikes last year when we were in DC, great idea, tho we didn’t try them because we weren’t sure how they worked. maybe next time! glad that you had a great trip…


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