Birthday bounty

I am not a material person. Like a lizard (?) I have shed my skin and possessions more than once in my lifetime.

But I recently had a birthday – a big one – and am as pleased as punch with my gifts.

Here they are. To avoid any favoritism, they are listed in order based upon the number of years I have known the giver. My kids are very competitive; each one asked me if they were the first birthday wisher. Yes to the 6:00 am text message and yes to the 8:00 am phone call.

1) A beautiful bouquet of spring flowers, just when I am getting a wee bit tired of winter weather.


2) A beautiful floral blouse, fits perfectly and looks perky.

3) An extremely functional, handmade gift for my pepper mill. I have one of the older brass pepper mills, featured on the Frugal Gourmet years ago. It’s so tall and top heavy, it’s lethal around pottery or glassware on the counter because it frequently tips over. No more.

4) The sky delivered a beautiful sunset and should probably be listed first.


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