Wet rope keeps feet dry


I am intrigued by rag rugs, braided wool rugs and more recently rope rugs.  The Mountaineer, a local backcountry outfitter, has several coiled rope rugs, which are simply duct taped together, in their store.  The first few turns are glued and then the balance are held together with duct tape.  Way cool.  The bright colors of climbing ropes really stand out this way.  After a rope is used fairly briefly, it looses its strength and can’t be used for climbing so they use old ropes for these rugs.  I have to figure out how to become the final resting place for old rope.

In the meantime, there was devastating flooding in the Adirondacks after Hurricane Irene last August.  This dampened the inventory of a local hardware store which happens to carry climbing rope.  It could no longer be sold as climbing rope and I bought it with the intent of taping up a rug. Then I thought it might be fun to weave a rug with it.  While the end product is fun, the weaving itself was challenging because I basically had to pass a coil of rope through the weaving shed (that little space between the upper and lower threads) about 50 times.  But in no time I had a rug, which has been claimed by my son and will be heading south today to keep his feet dry.

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