Quiet Places: Another guest blogger (Tim) post

I’ve always been sensitive to sound, a fortuitous (or tortuous) trait for a musician. The soundscape where I live is very important. I’m done with cities, I’m afraid. I can’t abide the din.  Deal Island, on the other hand, is the quietest place I’ve ever lived. Aside from the incessant wind, animals and a few small airplanes a week are the only sounds we hear.  The loudest animals by far are the Cape Barren geese. The males squawk and the females grunt. Next come the Little or Fairy penguins which snore and whistle half the night. The other day our reverie was disturbed by the twin 1,100 horsepower engine roar of the Van Diemen, a Tassie police boat bent on routing out abalone and crayfish poachers. They can be heard 14 miles away, giving the poachers plenty of time to ditch their catch.

Number 2 on the list is our home in the Adirondacks.  Again, it’s mostly animals we hear:  coyotes and birds being the most notable.  When we’re sitting in our outdoor hot tub at night we detect the occasional whine of car tires on Route 9, two miles away.  Fortunately, I-87–far removed–took away all the trucks and most of the cars.

The 3rd quietest place is Seguin Island.   No surprise there.  Again, the wind is a constant.  But we often heard the grumble of the lobster boats.  What do they have against mufflers?

Lobster boats

Then there was the fog horn:  2 blasts every 20 seconds during frequent fog.

Fog detector and horns

And, loudest of all, the Coast Guard helicopter.

Coast Guard Helicopter

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