Cleaning day in paradise

Even though we live in paradise, we still have mundane chores to do. They are certainly easier when you can look out the window and enjoy a beautiful view. Yesterday, I was all over the island but today I hunkered down at home. Tim was off clearing Squally Track and I had some cleaning to do. The question I would like answered is, can spiders and bugs crawl back out of the vacuum??? There must be a security door at least in Australia because I hear a lot of people talk about vacuuming up those huntsmen spiders. I didn’t have anything nearly as ambitious as that but almost caught a lizard by accident in the sun porch.

Another gorgeous day

I spent time rereading more history about the group of islands and the people that explored or visited here. This group of islands was a land bridge between Wilson’s promontory in Victoria to the northwest and Flinders Island to the southeast. It flooded somewhere around 12,000 years ago but there is evidence of people living in a cave on Erith Island, 7,000 years ago. 7,000 years ago!

The Beagle (of Charles Darwin fame but without him on board) nearly floundered in the cove because of the current and williwaws. Captain Bligh, of Mutiny on the Bounty fame, was given two ships and sailed back to explore Tasmania after he was cast adrift. reading Matthew Flinders and George Bass proved there was a strait between Tasmania and Australia and named it after Bass. Flinders named the Kent Group after a colleague, William Kent, and then the islands seem to have been named after towns in Kent, England: Erith, Dover and Deal.

Erith Island has been visited by historians, naturalists, artists and writers for more than 40 years and their connection to the island helped preserve the original caretaker residence, which houses a museum they established. Every one who spends time here is moved by the experience. I know I am.

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