We’re never alone

We are the visitors here and we’re not alone.

Every time we take a walk, we encounter at least a dozen wallabies.  There are a few rabbits, about a dozen Cape Barren geese.  Yesterday, I was working in the garden and when I came out, the garden was surrounded by a wallaby and a few geese.  We seem to see new birds every few days.  There’s a brown hawk, which flies over the cove near our house and yesterday we spotted a white face heron.

White faced heron in the visitor yard

We can hear the fairy penguins at night going home to their burrows.  They sound like old men snoring.   I made a video of the wallabies and penguin sounds, which you can see here. There are two new boats in the cove on the Erith Island, across the pass from us.  I saw one returning to its anchorage at about 6:30 am.  I think they may have headed out and decided against it due to rough seas for a change.  The wind should lie down over the next couple of days and maybe the human visitors will increase.

We have to remind visitors when they take the 2.5 km walk to the lighthouse to remember to tie open the door to the catwalk.  Otherwise it slams shut and they could be there for days!!

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