Getting to know you

Strong winds are likely to keep the visitors away over the next couple of days. When I measured the rainfall reading today, I checked the wind speed and it was 34 knots. Hold onto your hats. Every day we have to report the rainfall via a little fax machine, which is sort of like a credit card machine, to the Australian Government Bureau of Meteorology.

We walked the trail to Winter Cove and confirmed that a sailboat we had seen in West Cove yesterday was safely anchored. They were and had the company of a fishing boat. The harbor was in the lee of the wind and you wouldn’t even know it was blowing from the west. We explored the campground on the beast and found several whale bones including an intact portion of the spine.PC100143.JPG

I had a successful day of cooking and baking today after a couple of disasters yesterday. I’m going to limit my cooking information to a new page, 300 meals on a deserted island.

I’m trying to figure out the various radios and where we can get weather reports. At the moment we don’t have any internet and earlier today, I couldn’t hear the garbled radio report on the VHF radio.

PC090090.JPG PC090095.JPG PC090101.JPG PC090102.JPG PC100104.JPG

Yesterday we walked up to the lighthouse. It was so windy, I thought I would blow away. The lighthouse is beautiful. It was built around 1891 and has a fresnel style lens, probably first order based on its size. It used diesel fuel to power the motor, which turned the light. it flashed 3 times every twenty seconds and could be seen for 26 nm. There’s an ornate iron staircase and it’s quite lovely. Next time, hopefully the wind will let me go outside on the catwalk. Yesterday, the wind was howling and sometimes it sounded like there was a car or truck nearby and other times, there was a moaning sound as if the lighthouse was its own aeolian harp.


The superintendent’s house is in the compound near where we are staying and houses the museum. It is a lovely building and there has been a lot of work to restore it. Our compound is 2.5 km away from the lighthouse. The other keepers lived closer to the light and the remains of those buildings are near the lighthouse. The “compound” is an area surrounded by two fences to keep out the wildlife. The inner compound only includes our house, and the visitor’s house. The outer part of the compound surrounds the remaining buildings and our garden We have to open lots of gates when you want to take a walk.

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