So much for endless summer

Frosty bbq
So much for endless summer. My winter clothes are packed away and there’s frost on the ground. It’s friggin’ freezin’ here. Time to get out more long johns. There’s about a 20 degree daily swing in the temperature.

We just received information about our Tasmania trip from the present caretakers and from a cookbook published by the Friends of Deal Island, which Cooper’s girlfriend, Elizabeth, sent us. It is full of information about the island and even includes a suggested shopping list if you find yourself without a store for three months!

I have to start thinking celsius. High summer temperature is 20.5° C and low is 12.6°. I guess that decimal point adds heat. It wouldn’t make much of a difference in fahrenheit and will make my rounded off conversions a little complicated. Ah but I just found a way to estimate. Double the C, subtract 10% and add 32. Simple, eh? So 55° f to 69° f. Why do we have different systems anyway.

Celsius, meters and kilos make much more sense. I have to think of clothes for 12.6° C, plant a 10 meter square garden and buy 10 kg of 50 kg of flour. Will that fit in a shopping cart. I’ve been working out our food needs in lbs. I knew this was going to get complicated.

One thought on “So much for endless summer

  1. Lynne, Just finished making my first Shutterfly book, of that wonderful visit. Sending pics to Flo tonight. Thanks again for such a magical morning. Best, Ruth


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