Ah, the mountains

photo courtesy of Bethany

Back in the wilderness with hiking options galore.  Yesterday was Wednesday, hiking day with a wonderful group of women.  They hike, snowshoe and ski  through all weather, with the exception of pouring rain or flooded trails.  We hiked to Indian Head, a trip I had taken with Tim in the winter and posted about here. It was much more fun this time and I can hardly believe I did it on showshoes.  We walked the road to the Gill Brook trail and followed the river with several waterfalls.  Then we made a right and headed uphill.  As a general rule, I don’t like hikes with ladders.  This one had at least five.  I don’t think we ever saw them when we did it in the snow.  The view of Lower Ausable Lake, flanked by the mountains, was stupendous.  We met a group of revelers at the top enjoying lunch and libations.  I don’t think I would have like the ladders after that.

I finished my socks made from possum  and wool yarn that I bought in New Zealand last year and am very happy with them. Now it’s onto a scarf made from beautiful kettle dyed yarn that Ramblinroo brought to Seguin for me from Nezinscot Farm Yarns and Woolens . Maybe Chelsea will like it.Possum sox

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