A hard day’s work

A hard day’s work

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What a great day. It was cool (I am thinking of breaking out my new long johns) and Tim and I worked on trails. He broadened the north trail and I used the weed whoacker to clear the brush under the tram, under the stairs from the beach and boat house. I stopped when I could no longer stand up straight. Oh my aching back. I love it. Productive exercise. More of the same tomorrow.

Tim wrote a narrative for the visitors. We can’t print photos so I added our new picture, which Tim labeled, Wolf Woman and Rock Hudson. We walked the trails: north, cove and cobblestone. I climbed the steep lighthouse path at least 4 times.

We had a boatload of people from Small Point who plied us with cookies and snacks. They haved lived there for 30 years and this was their first trip to Seguin. They donated money (and food) and promised to return.

We had news today from a couple we met here in 2008. They were cruising offshore near Tahiti when she had a stroke. He had to sail for 13 hours with her to meet  EMT’s. She was in a coma for at least a week with a grim prognosis for most of that time. She beat all the odds, with a strong determination, and is now in rehab, walking and playing the piano. Her only wish is to get back on the boat. I remember meeting her here when she was foraging and had to be dissuaded from eating our marigolds.  


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