Furry and feathered friends

Wildlife and work

Originally uploaded by One2KnitFar

Yesterday was filled with wildlife and work. Loki joined me on at least 3 trips down to the cove. There was a baby seal languishing in the seaweed at low tide. Unfortunately, I can only upload phone shots at the moment and it looks like a Where’s Waldo photo with the seal camouflaged among the rocks. Photos to follow.
I was using hand loppers from the tram to clear the branches next to it. Hand tools to enjoy the sounds of the sea – not. Shirley and Loki followed me but then were making a racket followed by a whoosh. The local seagull in residence had followed us down the tram. Tim had tried to lure it down earlier, with dog food and words like, “come on, you know this tastes good” but it turned around midway. I took the opportunity and walked behind it and encouraged it down the tram, onto the boat house deck and into the water where it belongs. It immediately began bobbing its head and eating. Then it took off and flew from the water to another part of the cove.

Later, I made a hummingbird feeder, ala Andre (Dr. Dre), from an old water bottle and the case from the weed whacker string. We will see.
Please excuse typos – sent from my Palm

Another furry friend

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