Finishing touches

It’s a regular day again today. The lobster boats are out and the water seems calm. the last two days have been windy and sunny and I mowed the upper and lower forty – about six hours. All’s tidy. Tim painted the new doors for the keeper’s house and it looks spiffy – still needs a new roof though. P9040028.JPG

Windows are secure, for the most part. Someone installed a skylight in the keeper’s house,with a direct view of the lighthouse, which would be good if you had to keep it lit. Tim has caulked it at least three times and there is still a small nagging leak.

Power tools are winterized, the workshop is swept and now it’s time to clean the living quarters. We’ll start moving some stuff off the island today because the beach is calm(er). We haven’t told the cats we’re moving again yet. They’ll be happy to return to Seguin though. Nice weather provided another gorgeous sunset last night.


My Urbanista hat is almost complete, now I just need a pair of mittens. I think it will take some stretching to fit my head.


The sound of the waves was great the other day. The outgoing water pulled all the rocks out and they made a neat sound while they tumbled.



There was a schooner festival and our local boats, the Fame in the foreground, and the Friendship were on the water. It looked like we were living in another era.

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