Surge is here, now we are waiting for Earl

Couldn’t help a little hurricane speak. The weather is beautiful, sunny, hot, clear but the surge at our beach made our shopping trip an adventure. We pushed the dinghy out over 2 foot surf, then the seas were flat. This is the remnant of hurricane Danielle. On our return trip when we were laden with water jugs, paint cans, antifreeze, groceries and the lunch we ate ashore, we surfed into the rocky beach.

One of the reasons we went shopping today and ran all our errands was to hunker down for Hurricane Earl, which may bring gusty winds and high seas. We’ll see. In any case, we are well provisioned until we leave on Wednesday (weather permitting) and head to the lighthouse on Seguin for the month!!! Woohoo!


We had another glorious sunset today. We said goodbye to the workers who have done a great job on the assistant keeper’s house. Doug even custom built a screen door for the porch on the keeper’s quarters and now we get a nice southerly breeze downstairs. We have some rainy day priming and painting to take care of this weekend.


One thought on “Surge is here, now we are waiting for Earl

  1. be safe, Earl looks like he’s going to be a big one. hope that your windows have storm shutters to protect the new glass you’ve installed. take care, c/j


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