I could have been bluefish bait

There are a few things I am paranoid about. Two are swimming with fish and bacteria on prepared food. Tim decided to expose me to both this week.

We traveled this weekend, which invariably includes eating fast food. I am partial to McD’s kid’s meal and I (usually) give away the toy. Tim is a Wendy’s man because he loves their shakes and salads. I hate fast food salad because I envision all the microscopic nasties hiding there so I ordered a baked potato with chives. However, they held the chives.  Tim advocated for me at the counter because he really wants me to like Wendy’s, when he saw the server carrying my little cup of chives with her finger in it. He looked amused but self satisfied during lunch but then could barely contain himself when he revealed the risk I had been exposed to. So much for safe food.

Today he chartered my favorite daysailor boat, a pearson ensign, as a surprise. The sail began with a nice breeze but then it died out and it became hot and still. He dove in for a swim but I hesitated. I envision all the unseen fish swimming below me, waiting to eat me. I know they are there. I watch the fisherman fish these same waters every day. But it was hot and I eventually jumped in. It was then I noticed my silver ankle bracelet that shimmers just like the lures the fisherman use. I tried to swim with my ankle out of the water before I was mistaken for fish bait.

Sailing over the fish

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