Boat traffic

There has been lots of activity around the island and harbor.  Yesterday, at 5:45, I was awakened by a ship’s horn, blowing every minute.   I got up and went outside with my camera.  Another 300+ foot coal ship was coming into Salem for the power plant.  The morning was foggy and I heard its horn for fifteen minutes before I caught a glance of the boat.

It obliterated the local lobster boats who didn’t seem to mind its presence.

It was followed by a large motor yacht,  dwarfed in size.

We spent the day emptying the oil house of 30+ years of debris, animal nests, very nasty.  We brought the bags of trash onto the beach and were greeted by the landing craft and strapping young men this morning.

We offloaded 30 years of trash and then brought new gear onto the island.  Ikea furniture for the house and lots of construction materials for the assistant keeper’s house.

We emptied the goodies,  loaded the trash and sent the boat on its way.

The Salem Maritime festival was taking place today so after all the loot was stored, we went ashore and played tourist.

A large boat anchored off of Great Misery Island and we went to get a close look and found a young bloke in the rigging.  Apparently, I never got a good picture of it.

We were happy to see the Louis Story (sp) careened on the beach.  It’s a small, beauriful pinkey boat that we have seen sailing and at its mooring.  Maybe we’ll get a chance to sail aboard her.

We finished the day with a tour of the Friendship and ice cream from Captain Dusty’s.  A good time was had by all.

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