The boat we saw

The boat we saw

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We went ashore today to deliver Ikea furniture to the contractor who is working with us on the island. He will bring it here on a landing craft with young strapping men to carry it ashore. YEAH! Not me.
Fog settled down on us but we were prepared with chart, compass, gps, horn and bright orange life preservers. We remained outside the channel and heard a large motor boat. We blew the horn and hailed them on the radio. We both conveyed our positions and the Norwegian Queen passed us with our and their horns blasting. It was eerie because we never saw each other and its horn faded as it moved away.
Then the fog lifted and we saw this shack being towed out of the harbor. I wonder if they were planning to scuttle the shack under cover of fog. We got back to the island and enjoyed a thunderstorm from indoors. Loki didn’t enjoy it.

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 Norwegian Queen 

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