Phelps Mountain

We are moving to the lighthouse island on Wednesday and climbed our last Adirondack peak,  Phelps Mountain, on Monday.  The views are supposed to be spectacular from the summit but clouds and fog rolled in right about when we arrive.  Total trip about 8 miles and 2000 foot elevation gain.  Marcy Dam was beautiful.

Phelps’ View

I took plenty of opportunities for breathers both on the way up and down.  That’s where I met this guy.

Toad on the way down

There was a request to hike with a rock and drop it off at the summit.  Since we weren’t heading to the right peaks, we left unburdened.

Hike with a rock?

Unfortunately my boots bit the dust mid hike.  I lashed them to my feet but had to discard them at the end of the road

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