Missing the view

I am on Long Island to meet up with old friends and Cooper.  He just completed his first year of law school!!  Chelsea finishes her junior year of engineering next week (I can’t mention one without the other, very competitive) and I am so proud of both of them.  I think Chelsea sleeps a lot less than Cooper because she always seems to be pulling all nighters.  It’s all about choices.

When I moved to the Adirondacks, I thought I might have a hard time being off island and away from the water.  Instead, I thoroughly enjoy our view of the mountains.  I love to look at them from afar, while Tim likes to”do” them.

Sunset from home

In a fog

Jay Mountain April 29

One thought on “Missing the view

  1. Tim also enjoys the views from afar, albeit dangerously while driving in the car! Gotta stop doing that. Worse than texting. “Did” East Dix with Keelin and Mike the other day. Only 27 more 4,000 footers to join the Adirondack 46’er club. Or 88 more to join the 100 tallest Adirondack peaks club. Will my knees hold out?


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