We Survived but now I am broken

Yesterday I am happy to report that we got the mower safely to the repair shop, Powder Hill Service Center and they did a great job.  We carried it down the rocky beach, loaded it into the rubber dinghy and were able to lift it without incident into the boston Whaler.  They looked at it and fixed it while we hit the laundromat, hardware store and cafe.  It turns out that the equivalent of a sheer pin was broken, caused by DH hitting a rock while mowing.  But at the shop, he told them I did it and they all had a good laugh.  Well today I mowed for several hours and I am broken. But the mower runs great.  The best comment when I was bringing it down the dock at the marina was, Wow, you must have a pretty big boat!
Now I will get wierd (living on an island can do that to you ). Mowing today made me philosophical and I can see the parallels of mowoing a large lawn with life.  You have a plan to cover the ground one way and then you run into an obstacle, like solar panels or a lighthouse and you have to decide how you will incorporate that into your original plan.  Focus on the obstacle or just work around it.  Fascinating right?
Shirley and Loki are back from their camping trip but didn’t want to put the thermarests away just yet.

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