Skinny or full fat?

Full fat of course!!  Chelsea and I are traveling through New Zealand and I was surprised when I checked into our  first motel and that question was posed to me.  Every suite has a hot pot for tea – coffee is definitely second choice here – and you get a container of milk for tea upon check in.  It’s funny to be in a country where English is the language yet you still don’t understand what is going on.  I think I have figured out how to order coffee – flat white thank you very much.

Chelsea showed me a great time in Sydney, which is probably the most beautiful city in the world.   Now we are winging our way through the South Island of New Zealand.  Yesterday we crossed the Cook Strait in gale conditions and noone blinked an eye.  Then I got into what I consider a backwards car and drove off.  My two biggest challenges are to get in the driver’s side of the car and to think very carefully before making right turns.   I’ve only bought a little wool so far but tomorrow we’re going to visit the Ashford spinning wheel company south of Christchurch.  I’m still marvelling at all the sheep and countryside.

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