Life Aboard Water Lily

Water lily6Well we have moved aboard our catamaran.  We have been finishing work on the boat and addressing new challenges as they occur.  The most traumatic part of the move was leaving my cats with my son.  One had not been seen for about 2 weeks but we suspected he was coming in to eat.  I brought my daughter home from college yesterday and after she was home for about 2 hours at her dad’s house, the missing cat appeared.  My son thought he was dreaming when he awakened in the middle of the night to find his cat in bed with him!Loki

We are adjusting to our new space.  We may have more storage room than anticipated.  Food, clothing, boat gear and most knitting supplies are neatly tucked away.  The sceond stateroom is largely a storage space.

It rained the week before our launch and then during about the first week on the boat.  Leaks sprouted, we broke a solar panel, we had the sailmaker here to adjust the sail cover, lazy jacks and third reef point.  We caulked and caulked again.  Both DH and I have been aloft to work on the mast.  DH rebuilt the marine head when it stopped functioning. There was so much to do, at times I didn’t appreciate the settings.

We left Fire Island and sailed to Blue Point where we stayed for about 3 days.  That was where there were torrential rains and winds and all sorts of leaks were found.  From there we went to Watch Hill on Fire Island, which is a beautiful national park and the marina hadn’t opened yet so noone else was there and the price was right.  From there we headed to the Patchogue River for mother’s day weekend because we had a lot of commitments with family and friends.  The setting was lovely and the sun finally broke through.  We sailed with friends and walked the boardwalks at Watch Hill.GroupPhoto

Early this week we headed to Timber Point, another beautiful park.  There are ospreys, terns, red winged blackbirds, barn swallows and i think yellow warblers.  I am beginning to settle in and enjoy the sights and sounds.  Today we’ll head towards New York Harbor and we’ll spend next week in harbors on the north shore of Long Island.

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