Packing Again

So there’s one thing that this mobile life does.  It causes you to reassess your possessions every time you move.   Do I want to keep this?  When will I use it, do I need it now or should I put it in storage for a few months or long term?   In the process, initially I think everything is vital and as time moves on and space diminishes, possessions become less essential.  Once again i am sure I am taking too much with me.  What if it gets cold; I will need my fleece,  jacket, sweaters, wool long johns.  If it’s hot I need a bathing suit, tevas and towel.  I’ve got both bases covered for the moment.

Bookkeeping can be challenging.  We can do almost everything online: banking, paybills, stay in touch with family and friends,  maintain licenses and certifications.  We gave up the printer for now.  We just couldn’t find one small enough and will rely on libraries when we have to print something.  We purchased 2 Kindle 2 electronic readers so hopefully our reading needs will be met. When we are in range of the 3G network we can even get magazines delivered directly to the device.

The Cats!!  They will stay with my son for the next 2 months and when we move on land for July and August, they will join us.  Then…  I’ll miss them.  They took a walk with me last night to the Bay and follow like puppies, except they hid for a few minutes when a dog and owner walked by.

My yarn!!  I spent a day shrink wrapping my yarn and roving in a food saver, which was recommended by other sailors.   I reduced the volume by a full boat bag- which means perhaps I should get more?  It was fun and easy to use.  Of course if the seals break, I’ll have suitcases and storage bins exploding all over the place.  Devotees of this appliance wax poetic.  I was visiting my daughter in Providence and stopped in a hardware store to get more bags.  The worker said they didn’t carry them, they were cheapest at BJ’s and then went on to tell my how he divides large cuts of meat, at great cost savings, and it will last for 3 years!! frozen.

My spinning wheel will come for the first leg of the trip and I’ll decide if I use it enough to sacrifice the space.  If not, I’ll be using the drop spindle.  I reduced my knitting library to the essentials it is already tucked away in my cabin.

Yesterday I painted and cleaned the boat and for the next few days, I’ll be cleaning and organizing the house.  And making all those decisions, to keep store or toss.

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