Stash busting

I wish.  But I have made some inroads.  I started a queen size quilt yesterday using only material from my shelves.  I have to make more room on those shelves because I acquired two nifty fiber devices last week.

First, a neighbor passed along a Brother 929d serger via freecycle.  She thought it had some issues, but I read the manual, threaded all four strands carefully, spun a few knobs, watched to make sure I didn’t cut off a finger, and away I went.  This will be especially useful as I start to sew with my woven fabric.  It binds along the edge to stabilize it then slices off the excess.  When I make my next bathing suit it may be helpful too.  As an aside, I wore my homemade bathing suit to swim laps yesterday and it’s holding up fine.  Today I think I’ll have to wear a wetsuit because I am going to venture into Mirror Lake where the water temperature is only 68 degress f.

Next I purchased a Louet drum carder from Goodwill.  I have a lot of alpaca fiber, maybe part of a wool fleece, that has been sitting in bags, after I washed them, waiting to be carded. And waiting.  I have visions of blending fibers to get new colors but at least making some headway on my fiber so I can empty those shelves to refill them again.  Tim’s getting nervous.  We just read about a woman who was a hoarder and died among her possessions when the first floor of her house collapsed upon her.  I am a only hoarder wannabe.


I made quick work of some alpaca fiber and carded two beautiful batts.

After the girls left, I sat back and tried my hand at a couple of potholder looms.  What fun.  Every weaver should start with this rather than return to it after using a floor loom for a few years.


This baby blanket came off the floor loom and has been shipped to the new baby.  I love the colors and it is quite soft.


2 thoughts on “Stash busting

  1. The baby blanket is absolutely stunning! What a blessed baby to be snuggled up in it.
    Gotta admit, a wee bit jealous of that drum carder. Can’t wait to see all the goodies you make on it.


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