Off island

Back on the mainland of the Alaskan panhandle. Yesterday began with a whale just next to the island.
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We were picked up and got to watch long lines of halibut (and lots of starfish) brought on board.


This starfish was sort of creepy and only a few inches.

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After the fish was prepared and iced, we steamed north to Juneau and passed six rainbows!

All in all, a beautiful trip. This morning began with a four am alarm and our journey home will end three pm tomorrow: twelve hours today (cheap flights, too many connections) an overnight in Manhattan (island to island travel) and a six hour train home. Phew.

Wild life

Whale activity ebbs and flows, not predictably with the tide or weather.  There were a lot of passersby today.

By some miracle, the internet turned on and I may be able to upload pictures.

We’ve had whale breaches, breaths and dives.  Ravens and crows yell all day, black turnstones circumnavigate the island in a flock and harlequin ducks float off the south end of the island.

We’ve been busy with houseguests and projects but are once again the only human inhabitants on the island.

Visitors arrived by landing craft, tour boats, helicopter, schooners, kayaks and a rowing dory. Time to take a breath myself.

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