Local swimming holes


No sooner then we waved goodbye to the group of artists, we waved hello to a sailboat from The Lakes and another from Victoria.

Our plan had been to take a swim since it was sunny. We did. Here’s a picture of Tim continuing his laps. He’s the white splash in the right. I quit earlier when the rolling seas made me a little nauseous.

And here he us in the Ute, after we dropped off empty propane tanks on the jetty.


We also swam in Winter Cove, on the east side of the island, the other day. We can pick a beach sheltered from almost every wind direction. One of the sailors reported the water temperature is about 65 degrees. It’s a shock initially, then feels great until you get out and the cool wind blows.
Wind is expected to pick up so those that are here will likely stay and we probably won’t get new visitors for a few days. The house is already creaking.