Sunset – no filter

I could not even imagine this. Lucky for me it is the real Deal!

Weather is getting a bit nippy, I am wondering if my swim cap would be warmer than my wool beanie. I may get to wear both. I am keeping my wool items clean and close at hand,

As time ticks away, I am in overdrive with weaving and reading. When we first arrived, I selected about ten books from the island library to read; largely by Australian authors or about remote lives and adventures. Now that I see our departure date closer than may arrival, I am reading feverishly. Some good, some bad. I am so used to using a kindle, not the actual book, I found my self tapping the page or trying to highlight a word for the dictionary. I even stirred and looked several words up in the dictionary.

Same with weaving. I brought several spools of silk thread with the notion I would weave shoelaces! Can you imagine? Well now I am. I am making one set on a tiny rigid heddle loom and the other with tablets. I spent the first month reintroducing myself to Andean Pebble weave and wove a few bands in varying thicknesses with that technique. I have knit two pairs of socks, one for me and one for Tim, a pair of mittens, a wimple, a child’s hat, fingerless mitts and now a pair of child’s mittens. Trying to go home with mainly finished items instead of skeins of wool. I haven’t picked a project yet for a ball of beautiful hand dyed, hand spun merino I received from a dear friend. It will be something to remind me of this beautiful place.

I often remember where I was when I made something and so it becomes my souvenir. Even a lot of food I make now, I can remember the first island I experimented with it. This trip’s new addition will be croissants and sticky buns made from artisan bread dough. Memories and calories!

2 thoughts on “Sunset – no filter

  1. Absolutely beautiful photo….love reading about you and your amazing life and how talented you are. If you run out of ideas, you know how much I love your socks 🥴 Miss you, love you, hope we can make plans and get together soon! 👩‍❤️‍👩

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  2. Such a magic image of sunset over the Pass – tranquil. It is a little sad to realise you and Tim are fast approaching changeover. Time ebbs remarkably quickly when living in Paradise.
    You sure have been busy – I am impressed with the number of projects you have completed, but most of all I look forward to seeing a photo of those spectacular shoelaces.
    Presently I am hooked on honey bee patterns and projects. Since we began with our bee colony the life of bees has intrigued me. I found a pattern for a “Liquid Honey” shawl so dyed and spun yarn and knit it up – love it. Now I am working on a “Wool and Honey” circular yoke sweater. Next will be the “Honey” beanie. Also you have set me on a mitten journey. I so love the mittens you gave me that a book recommended on the Amazon page caught my eye. It is called Saltwater Mittens and features heritage patterns from the Island of Newfoundland. I can’t wait to knit some up. So, as usual, I have more to add to my “to do” list. When you come off the island I will email some photos of my little projects of passion. I know the service out there will not often extend to downloading photos.
    Love hearing your news from the Strait and if there should be anything we can do to assist with your transition from Deal please let us know.
    Happy sunrises and sunsets!


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