We’re going to need a bigger boat

One of my favorite lines from “Jaws”. In this case, we’re going to need a bigger plunger.

Workers finally arrived after weeks of delays to work on the lighthouse and roofs. Within ten minutes of their arrival, the toilet clogged. Handy caretakers to the rescue. We found one teeny, tiny plunger and no snake (oddly sometimes called an eel in AU).

We worked that little plunger and tried to snake several
long squiggly things down the toilet to no avail. Today, six workers watched while the ranger unclogged the drain. No easy task. It entailed a fire hose, lots of snickers, a fountain of poo, and drilling an opening into the terra cotta drain pipes. And it worked. Blockage found, cleared, and sh*t flowing downhill again.

So our island idyll will be quite different but at least we won’t have to share our one toilet.

We spent a good part of the day clearing the airstrip of wallabies and geese so more workers could arrive today. No time for a walk to one of my favorite perches.

The wind has not been favorable to internet for a change.

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