From big to small, and imaginary, it’s all beautiful

The lighthouse awaits some much needed repairs to seal cracks that allows water to seep in. In the meantime, it is still lovely. We take the two mile walk there every couple of days, We’ve had some boats visiting and most people take the walk. It gets steep, then steeper and then very steep. But well worth it.

My favorite walk is Barn Hill, just off the compound where we live. It has stunning cliffs, alligator and dragon rock formations and a beautiful view over Murray pass to the adjacent islands, Dover and Erith. The cliff edges give a thrill especially when the wind blows.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, skinks abound. I have seen their burrows in the back of the caretakers residence and find them all over the island.

We have had a few boats tucked into East Cove awaiting the next leg of their journey, We joined them for a barbecue on the jetty. The brush tail possums were very brash. One almost climbed into one of the guest’s lap and tried to rummage around in their food stores. I guess they enjoy the barbecues as much as everyone.

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