Our days of living out of suitcases and backpacks are over. We left Whitemark, Flinders Island today at 0500 and caught the Strait Lady in Lady Barron. She gave us a very bumpy ride, during which I was airborne at least once, and Captain James decided to take cover in a sheltered harbor to give time for the wind to lighten and the seas to calm. We found the perfect harbor at Whitemark, two and a half hours after our first departure. Fine with me. We had coffee and I gathered ingredients to home brew a batch of stout since a kit had been left on the island.

Back to the boat and a lovely ride to Deal. We landed at 2:30, unloaded, said hi and goodbye to the departing caretakers headed up the hill to the house and unpacked our clothes and food for 3 months. Then we cooled off with a swim in the cove.

Deal is as beautiful as I remember. As I write this I hear the penguins making their penguin noises in their burrows. I’m heading to my own burrow now. Good night.

4 thoughts on “Unpacked

  1. Brilliant! What a long day you had – reminder of our w.bee trip last November. Now you can both wind down and enjoy. Well done you.


  2. So glad your travels are over now and you can get down to your island-living! Looking forward to reading about all of your adventures.


  3. Hey Tim and Lynn-
    The photo looks fantastic. Here there are still trucks driven on the ice to fishing shanties. It’s starting to warm a bit. Janice and Hans took us skiing on there trails on Sunday. Great skiing and of course wonderful company.
    Hans will keep us posted with any news you send. Thanks


  4. Glad you are finally there and settling in. That is quite the rock and cliff. Great photo. The light house is barely visable so really shows the size of the cliffs. Thanks for sharing.


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