We’re unpacked, mostly, and settling in. I’ve made bread, yogurt and an apple pie. Just like home. But nothing like home.

There are wallabies everywhere we turn and breathtaking vistas. We walked to my favorite spot on the island, Barn Rock, where there is a good overview of the island, great views of adjacent Erith and Dover Islands and cliffs. One photo shows the compound, which includes the living quarters, museum, school building and sheds.

I took a good look at the garden and it’s great. I pulled the last of the carrots and green beans. There’s still rhubarb, lettuce, tons of tomatoes, cucumbers, silverbeet, beetroot and young beans, carrots, beetroot and broccoli.

Sadly I touched stinging nettles while pulling carrots. It’s a variety that is worse than at home. I only touched it with the side of my index finger and I’ve had tingling nerve pain and numbness since yesterday. Now I can definitely identify the plant. At least I could still knit.


20150312-072908.jpgThere are several rock cairns on the island. I have to review the history but I think some were originally placed by Captain Bligh, of Mutiny in the Bounty fame, when he surveyed Deal Island.


One thought on “Vistas

  1. Enjoying your blog Lynne. Barn Hill overlooking Dover and Edith is also my favourite quiet place of renewal. So blessed to have rhubarb. I just tried a recipe cooking up rhubarb with zest and juice of an orange and a little ginger and sugar – very yummy.


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