Flight to summer


After a mere 25 hours of travel, we arrived in Hobart, Tasmania, where it’s summer. Not hot, hot but there isn’t 2 feet of snow underfoot.

During one flight, I watched five movies(!) and a tv show. I may not be able to recall the plots or even titles but it helped pass the time. Plus we were fed on each flight, including one which was so short, the flight attendants ran down the aisles, tossed us our meat pies and quickly gathered our trash.

After I recovered from jet lag, yesterday I traveled to a fiber show in Bothwell where I got to see the fleece from an internationally known sheep. Shaun escaped shearing for seven years before he turned up on a cattle ranch in Tasmania. It was a wonder he could stand under the weight of all that wool, 14 inches long!

There were felted animals with amazing detail, beautiful lace work and weaving. I didn’t have room in my luggage for a fleece but managed to squeeze in a few silk cocoons.



2 thoughts on “Flight to summer

  1. Am so glad you arrived safely! That is a really long trip!! Quite interesting felting projects. What fun to see those sheep and hope you enjoy all! Stay well and safe. I will be looking foreword to all your posts.


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