My first moebius cowl

To frog or not to frog? That is the question. Whether ’tis nobler in the mind to suffer the…

What fun and magic to knit a moebius cowl. The ingenuity of knitting a long-did I say long?- beautiful piece of fabric with a twist. The pattern was Sivia Harding’s Harmonia’s Rings

I enjoyed Cat Bordhi’s video, which showed me how to cast on for the moebius to get one twist in the round. Magic!

I didn’t pay enough attention to the part that describes how to count these double stitches. Instead of casting on 100- 200 doubled stitches, I cast on 240-480 doubled stitches. Don’t ask me how. I thought it took me a while to knit a round. So long, in fact, that I never bothered to count the number of stitches in a round. There were too many.

Because it was worked in the round, with a twist, it was hard to get a sense if what I was working on.

Now I have a beautiful piece of fabric, twice as wide and half as long. The yarn was from Zen Garden. Did I mention I ran out of yarn 2/3 through my bind off. I had some leftover sock yarn, which miraculously matched perfectly. That miracle still occurred within a mistake though.


So now, I have a beautiful, useful cowl, which only I will know has a moebius twist. If I loop it twice around my head the twist is lost. It feels so smooshy and soft though and can also form a hood.

Is that enough? Or do I frog? Is this a problem or an opportunity?

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