Best seat in the house

Tim sang with the Vermont Symphony Orchestra (VSO) this weekend in Burlington and Rutland, VT.  I was his VSO groupie  and traveled to both locations and enjoyed the performances.

I hobbled along Church Street in Burlington and shopped.  There’s a great cooking store, where I found crumpet rings. Today I’ll make a batch of crumpets, which I had stopped making due to the pain of making little tin foil rings.

I had to move my seat 3 times in the theater: first I was in the wrong row; then I offered my seat to a couple who had been split up and finally I found a nice settee behind the seats where I could stretch out and set my crutch against the wall.  During the first half of the performance I had to sit with my crutch propped between my legs where it could double as a chin rest.

I hit the jackpot in Rutland, though, and it rivals Andre’s plane seat.  Although I had to climb three flights of stairs, when I arrived at  the top of the theater, my seat had ample leg room and a spot to store my crutches, which freed my hands to knit.  What more could I ask for?  An elevator!

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