Fall is just around the corner. Purple asters are in bloom all over the island. These berries are in various shades of orange; wonder if I can use them for dye.


The caretaker’s garden has a big pumpkin, overgrown green beans and basil but it’s also writhing with plump garter snakes. I may leave it for them.

Monarch butterflies are migrating and can be seen all over the island. I thought this one had problems but it was merely resting in the clover.


We’ve explored all the trails, Tim cleared his favorite North trail, while I cleared the amazing South trail.


We’re used to scant trail markers in the Adirondacks. Someone went overboard here.




The donkey engine and tram need some love.



Today a team came out to the island to oil 600 feet of cable. I manned (womanned) a radio and relayed messages (stop and go) to the intrepid engine operator (Major Tim) while running in place to stay warm.

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