Not a bad commute

Here we are back home on the range (ridge); really neither. The leaves are almost at their peak. I attended a conference in Burlington, VT last week and got to see the sun rise over the Green Mountains of Vermont. They were anything but green and the lakescape from the bouncing ferry was pretty nice.


Another day I headed south for work and could see the leaves changing over a local pond. I’m lucky I get to work on time with all these distractions.


This week I am trying to resume walking the two miles to and from work in preparation for our next backpacking trip in the Grand Canyon. I’ll probably be too lazy to add 30 pounds to my pack but will keep walking the walk.

Birds abound at home. We have at least one pileated woodpecker, northern flickers, chickadees, barred owls, goldfinch, sparrows, thrush, hawks. What we don’t have are pigeons. Yet a mile and a half from home, not exactly an urban area, they abound.


Hope they keep to that old, decrepit building.


We are at our peak

Me and the foliage. The fall colors are at their peak. So am I, both in psyche and in weight, but today is day 2 of a very successful diet. Maybe I can create a blog about foods I didn’t eat! No more bread, cinnamon rolls or cookies for me or Tim. Tonight we had an apple for dessert. It was a luscious Macoun, regarded by many to be the most delicious eating apple and I agree. The hills don’t need to make any sacrifices for their beauty however.

Fall colors

Colorful hills

Marcy field

striped hills