Caretaker obsessions

Caretaker obsessions

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— Sent from my Palm PreI was determined to reveal the old helipad yesterday.  No easy task since it was totally overgrown and I didn’t have a shovel.  I tapped around and uncovered a few of the bricks and then I had to imagine the triangle with the "H" in the center.  Then I just had to follow the yellow brick path.  Now the Coast Guard can find us.  Next I will repaint the bricks.

Tim’s obsessed with clearing sumac.  There is ssomething for everyone here.

One thought on “Caretaker obsessions

  1. We are enjoying seeing all the pictures and hearing about your summer. I get exhausted just reading your entries though and think that I must be just wasting away my summer! You two are working very hard but it sure is a beautiful location….carol/jim


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