Wild life

How strange. We sit on the sun porch and watch wallabies hopping by, looking in at us. We still can’t get used to it. There are Cape Barren geese roaming around the compound, with bright pink legs and green above their beak. I’ve seen skinks, PC100119.JPG  PC130030.JPG Inside and when I thought I saw a mouse in the living room, it was actually a baby skink—where are its parents??

Many of the birds have bright red coloring. There are beautiful firetails (that’s their name and its accurate), flame robins and even the goldfinches have red heads. We can hear the call of a fan tail cuckoo but haven’t seen it. At night, there are all sorts of noises.

Last night we went down to the beach to see the fairy penguins. No pictures because it happens in the dark. We waited and strained our eyes at dusk.

PC130033.JPG I think the faint hills in the background are Wilson’s Promontory in Victoria.

PC130038.JPG PC130040.JPG

It was worth the wait. After dark, they came up the hills in droves and walked up the road to their burrows. At one point we saw a mob of 30 or so, taking their time and waddling along. What a treat.

I’ve been knitting a little and was looking for a place to store my yarn and fleece the other day. I had stored some in a drawer and opened the adjacent drawer. Lo and behold, a knitter before me had used the same drawers and left some yarn and a pattern book of baby clothes. Once again, knitting keeps me connected.

3 thoughts on “Wild life

    • I think of you often. I was listening to several of your podcasts on my walk to and from the lighthouse yesterday. I’m working on calorimetry with city tweed – need to keep my hair contained in all this wind.


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